Go, go gadget reporter! The rise of robot journalism.

I’m an advertising/public relations major in Chicago and I find it ironic that I’m writing blog posts in order to gain more experience for my profession. Most people would think I’m nuts to write this, but I’ve read a few articles recently, including one on the BBC, which claims that an algorithm was created by Ken Schwencke which allows a “robot-journalist” to generate articles. Apparently an article about a 4.7 quake was written is 3 minutes by this robo-journalist. Perhaps I should switch careers?

Men in Tights: Are superheros over-saturating the cinema?

POW! BAM! BAP! ZONK! Yeah, I’m into superhero movies. So what? I’ve always been a big Captain America fan and I’ve been stoked about Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out in just a couple of weeks. The embargo on the movie was lifted today, so naturally, the critics are beginning to post their thoughts. As I don’t want to spoil anything yet because I want to go into this film fresh, I have skimmed through several critic reviews over on Rotten Tomatoes – Captain […]