Social media streaming: Meerkat and Periscope

Meerkat. If you haven’t heard about it by now, then that is about to change. What image comes to mind? Possibly the African animal that is featured to the left of this text. However, there is a new social medium called Meerkat in town. It is a social media app and it’s been hyped by the media due to Twitter hindering the app’s function of posting links to their streams over the 140-character social medium. Even more interesting is that Twitter has now announced their own […]

Twitter matters and how you should use it

Twitter, for some, can be a dirty word. I have heard many people tell me, when I mention that I used Twitter, how it is such a useless tool. Others say that it is just people talking about what they had for breakfast that day. I hate to say it, but those people are wrong – to an extent. I used to be one of those people and then I decided to try out Twitter based on a random Facebook post that used good examples […]

Mobile payments: Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other?

There is no need to bring your wallet and no need to grab that money clip. Still think that plastic is the way to go? Leave it all next to your pre-ripped jeans because they may be a bit outdated. The wave of the future is upon us and it is time to get with the program, or is it? Pushing mobile payments are the tech companies. Which are incorporating the system into your next smart phone upgrade. Samsung is reportedly working on their own […]