Twitter matters and how you should use it

Twitter, for some, can be a dirty word. I have heard many people tell me, when I mention that I used Twitter, how it is such a useless tool. Others say that it is just people talking about what they had for breakfast that day. I hate to say it, but those people are wrong – to an extent. I used to be one of those people and then I decided to try out Twitter based on a random Facebook post that used good examples […]

Germany’s Angel

 Author’s Note: I wanted to share this with all of my readers because my Oma (German for grandmother) is a really a fascinating and amazing human being. I truly hope that she is as proud of this sampling of her life and that I did her justice by writing about her experiences and showing who she is as a human being. This is a profile story I wrote about my Oma  for my Reporting and Writing (COMM 205) class at Loyola University Chicago. I’m extremely proud of this profile […]

Go, go gadget reporter! The rise of robot journalism.

I’m an advertising/public relations major in Chicago and I find it ironic that I’m writing blog posts in order to gain more experience for my profession. Most people would think I’m nuts to write this, but I’ve read a few articles recently, including one on the BBC, which claims that an algorithm was created by Ken Schwencke which allows a “robot-journalist” to generate articles. Apparently an article about a 4.7 quake was written is 3 minutes by this robo-journalist. Perhaps I should switch careers?