Social media streaming: Meerkat and Periscope

Meerkat. If you haven’t heard about it by now, then that is about to change. What image comes to mind? Possibly the African animal that is featured to the left of this text. However, there is a new social medium called Meerkat in town. It is a social media app and it’s been hyped by the media due to Twitter hindering the app’s function of posting links to their streams over the 140-character social medium. Even more interesting is that Twitter has now announced their own […]

Twitter matters and how you should use it

Twitter, for some, can be a dirty word. I have heard many people tell me, when I mention that I used Twitter, how it is such a useless tool. Others say that it is just people talking about what they had for breakfast that day. I hate to say it, but those people are wrong – to an extent. I used to be one of those people and then I decided to try out Twitter based on a random Facebook post that used good examples […]

Explaining public relations: A student perspective on PR

Many people ask me to define public relations (PR) and wonder why I am going to school for it. These are fair questions and I will attempt to answer them as simply as I can. (Photo:  Niuton May | Flickr) The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines it as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Welcome to Mind Bloggle’s new home!

Hello everyone, Thank you for checking out my site. I recently moved to this domain in order to set up a site about myself. I actually started this site as a class project for my COMM 327 (New Media Campaigns) class at Loyola Chicago, but I want to use this site as more than a class project. My hope is that any content I post here will serve as both interesting and informative. Whether it’s just an “ah ha” moment, something to make you laugh, […]

Search your feelings

(Image courtesy of This may be how you sometimes feel when trying to get yourself heard over the Web. Don’t worry, I’m right there with you. More often, as technology progresses, we find our society becoming more and more involved online. Everything is being done online now from scheduling tasks, to research, to catching up on the things your friends have been doing lately. With so much engagement happening online, it’s no wonder that public relations has to adapt. So what are tactics that […]

Germany’s Angel

 Author’s Note: I wanted to share this with all of my readers because my Oma (German for grandmother) is a really a fascinating and amazing human being. I truly hope that she is as proud of this sampling of her life and that I did her justice by writing about her experiences and showing who she is as a human being. This is a profile story I wrote about my Oma  for my Reporting and Writing (COMM 205) class at Loyola University Chicago. I’m extremely proud of this profile […]

Go, go gadget reporter! The rise of robot journalism.

I’m an advertising/public relations major in Chicago and I find it ironic that I’m writing blog posts in order to gain more experience for my profession. Most people would think I’m nuts to write this, but I’ve read a few articles recently, including one on the BBC, which claims that an algorithm was created by Ken Schwencke which allows a “robot-journalist” to generate articles. Apparently an article about a 4.7 quake was written is 3 minutes by this robo-journalist. Perhaps I should switch careers?