This is Darby Ellis’s Story

My name is Darby Ellis and I have many interests that I want to share with you! Prior to living in Chicago, I grew up in Reno, Nevada, which is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. After graduating high school in 2000, I worked for a pharmaceutical research company that specializes in pre-clinical research. I worked my way through the company and eventually left my job, friends, and Reno in 2012.

In August of 2012, I moved to Chicago after my wife, Aimee, accepted a job a professor at Loyola University Chicago. I ended up attending Loyola Chicago myself and graduated in May 2015, Magna Cum Laude, as an advertising/public relations major. My focus is concentrated in public relations, however. In August of 2015, I accepted a position as an SEO Specialist at a digital marketing company, named L2TMedia, where I worked to refine my skills in SEO and social media. I currently work as a Senior SEO Specialist in downtown Chicago at an agency called Envisionit.


In addition to finishing school at Loyola, I have a few other areas that define who I am. I’m a father, husband, former scientist, gamer, movie fanatic, reader, researcher, and I love to make people laugh. I enjoy visiting places where I can bring my wife and son along. I follow the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Utah Jazz as my favorite sports teams.


I started this site and blog so that I can help hone my writing skills, display some of my school and professional work, and provide my own voice about things I feel like talking about when it strikes my mind.


I hope you like what you read, find what I have to say informative, and want to keep coming back.

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Aimee and Darby in Chicago
Aimee and Darby out for a night with friends in Chicago.
Darby and Aimee in front of Lake Tahoe
My wife and I at Lake Tahoe.















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